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Spree, a free e-commerce open soucre for programmer

Download directly from then click on the link below

For demo view link below

Full documentation visit or spree site

Download Spree book for free and get used to with the back-end and the front end

Spree is a 100% open source e-commerce platform powered by the popular Ruby on Rails framework. It was designed to make customization and upgrades as simple as possible.

Spree is a complete open source commerce solution for Ruby on Rails. It was originally developed by Sean Schofield and is now maintained by a dedicated core team. You can find out more about by visiting the Spree e-commerce project page.

Spree actually consists of several different gems, each of which are maintained in a single repository and documented in a single set of online documentation. By requiring the Spree gem you automatically require all of the necessary dependency gems. Those gems are as follows:

  • spree_api
  • spree_auth
  • spree_cmd
  • spree_core
  • spree_dash
  • spree_promo
  • spree_sample

All of the gems are designed to work together to provide a fully functional e-commerce platform. It is also possible, however, to use only the pieces you are interested in. So for example, you could use just the barebones spree_core gem and perhaps combine it with your own custom authorization scheme instead of using spree_auth.


Spree, an free ecommerce platform in ruby rails

Spree, an free ecommerce platform in ruby rails


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